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A groundbreaking technology to gain unparalleled insights into metabolic kinetics

About our Technology

Vitala brings together recognized technologies and multiple new patented technologies to develop an efficient and ethical treatment analysis that will revolutionize drug discovery as well as personalized medicine.

Through a series of technologies – Organ-on-Chip (OoC) and advanced magnetic resonance tools, Vitala delivers deep insights into metabolic kinetics at the cellular level.

This will save the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars in drug testing and will allow clinics and hospitals to target treatments to specific patients, improving the quality of life and eliminating erroneous, or even hazardous, treatments.

Nuts & Bolts of the Technology

We use state-of-the-art self-built Organ-on-Chips that mimic the physiological functions of both healthy and diseased organs. Based on your requirement, we will work with you to build validated models at a higher throughput than the current market standard

We then prepare the samples and put them through advanced tools that include magnetic resonance imaging. Our unique process will boost the resulting signal by a factor of 10.000.

The metabolic reactions between the sample cells and the molecules under investigation are captured by a powerful MRI scanner. We finally analyze the output and provide you a comprehensive report on key parameters like toxicity.

Application Areas

Pharma industry

We can help you reduce the costs, increase the success rate and reduce animal tests. Our technology can be applied during the preclinical phase of drug development

Cosmetics industry

We can help you validate the toxicity and effectiveness of your skin care products by eliminating the need for animal tests

Chemical industry

We can help you validate the effectiveness of fertilisers in boosting the productivity of a crop or that of a pesticide in delivering required levels of toxicity

About us

Dr. Maria Alejandra Ortega Machuca

Co-founder COO/CTO

With a PhD in photonics and more than 12 years in translational research, Maria Alejandra’s project coordination and tech transfer expertise will lead the operational integration of multiple technologies to bring the product to life.

Dr. Irene Marco-Rius

Co-founder CSO

As group leader of molecular imaging and precision medicine at IBEC, Irene’s discoveries in the field of HP-NMR led us to piece together an aggregated service that Vitala will offer. Irene will lead the innovation in this field.

Gabriel Bestard


A seasoned entrepreneur and growth leader, as the CEO, Gabriel will lead all business aspects of Vitala.

Jose Luis Muñoz Gómez

Senior Chemist

Organic Chemist with a PhD in Materials Science, with more than 15 years of experience on R&D Medicinal chemistry, nanoscience, radical chemistry for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization, and biomaterials for health.

Lluís Mangas Florencio

Industrial PhD Student

As an industrial PhD student, Lluis will combine his expertise in Molecular Biotechnology and Engineering of Biosystems for the development and integration of OoC platforms in HP-MRSI.

Dra. Maria Demestre

Head of biology

Biologist with a PhD in Neurophysiology, with more than 15 years of experience on R&D by elucidating cellular and molecular diseases associated pathomechanisms and by establishing human disease modelling using in vitro and in vivo platforms. Maria will lead the biological validation and implementation in Vitala as Head of Biology.

Shadi Karimi

Head of Prototyping and Microfluidics

Dr. Shadi Karimi is  Ph.D. in Microfluidics from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC) in 2020. Right after, dedicated over three years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) on the development of cutting-edge microtechnologies tailored for diverse bio applications. During her postdoc, she received the esteemed EU Next Generation grant. Her leadership in the field was further affirmed when she secured a Tenure-Track position at the UPC. Dr. Karimi will lead the prototyping and microfluidics development inside Vitala.

Marina Batlló Ribas

Data Analyst

As a Bioengineer with a MSc in Human-Computer Interaction, Marina will dive into the data analysis challenges and make the technology easily available for the end user.

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